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reg. by the Maharashtra Government (Reg. No.2634 Mumbai 21.11.2017) under Act 1860 (21).

Conducts Various Training Workshop : Regular / Correspondence / Seminar / Online.


Acu Care Institute has offered comprehensive Acupressure Integrated Holistic, Natural Alternative Therapy & Vastu Science Trainings/ workshops/ seminars. Institute is registered by the Maharashtra Government (Reg. No.2634 Mumbai 21.11.2017) under Act 1860 (21).

The Institute provides high-quality education that supports each student's professional and personal goals in a setting that encourages communication, respect, confidentiality and safety for everyone. As Alternative therapies gained greater acceptance and recognition, the ancient hands-on practice of acupressure is becoming a vital part of the future of healthcare.

We are pleased to introduce our self as a leading institute of Natural & Alternative Therapies that conducts various training workshop by following methods: (a) Regular (b) Correspondence (c) Seminar and (d) Online.

All types of integrated therapies (that teach by us), which are a part of Alternative therapy, due to their effective results are very famous and renowned nowadays. By doing these courses one is not only contributing to himself and his family, but also the health systems of the whole world.

Benefits of ACi Seminars & Workshops

  • You can become therapist/ healer or start your own healing profession.
  • You can get job/ service in any naturopathy or alternative holistic center.
  • It can help you in your medical, acupressure or alternative health profession.
  • World Health Organization (WHO) of Geneva has approved this alternative system.
  • You can get award, if you work excellent in this holistic field.
  • Join this wellness profession & get yourself recognition in your society.
  • You can help your family as well as others by treating (healing) and get blessings.
  • This Course is essential for our day to day life. For our well-being everybody should attend holistic seminar for self healing.
  • Develop your skills with fast growing wellness industry.
  • You will get discount on purchase Health Care Instruments from Acu Care iNC Shop.
  • Integrated Holistic Science (Alternative Therapy) is drugless, natural, no side effect and complimentary to usual for medical care.

The Institute is also engaged in production of Acupressure related literature and books written by the Institute member-authors have been published to date. These books have been hugely popular amongst Acupressure Therapists and interested laymen in the country.

Our Institute is known as a most respected leader in the domain of Alternative Medicine. This is dedicated to offering excellence both in its study programs as well as its treatment and healing facilities. It is our goal to become the highest regarded Alternative Medicine Institute in India, and we are extremely committed to reaching that goal.

Under the dynamic and expert direction of its , it educates the prospective practitioners with the most up to date know-how of the healing methods by its intensive research programmes in a vast range of alternative medicines like Acupressure, Acupuncture, Naturopathy, Yog, Magneto therapy, Cupping Therapy, Pyramid Healing etc. We are committed in offering good quality courses. Our institute offers regular, correspondence, online & seminar courses. These courses target different types of people and have their own unique features and advantages.

The students must learn the concepts thoroughly and this is possible only when the contents of the course and the faculty who are responsible for teaching the course are world class. Our institute has fulfilled these needs by designing each and every course with International quality and has appointed faculty who are the best people in their respective fields. The faculty is famous not only for their knowledge and academic excellence but also for their eagerness to help students in every possible way. In classroom courses, the dedicated staffs of our institute aim at imparting the best education to students of all alternative medicine courses.

The correspondence/ online courses of this institute are also well known for their quality. The staff of our institute will help those who ragister distance education by communicating through emails. Correspondence/ Online courses are flexible and so are chosen by those who cannot be present at the institute at specific hours.

The student can choose the place at which he is going to ragister the course. In addition to the regular training courses, seminars/ workshops on various Alternative treatments conducted by Acu Care Institute. Meritorious students and practitioners are credited and honoured for their academic brilliance and accomplishments in the discipline of alternative medicines at that occasion.

Advance ACUPRESSURE* 6 Days Training Syllabus: -

1. Ancient Healing System of Bharat, Yog, Marma Chikitsa, Acupressure, Reflexology (Hand, Feet, Face, Spine) etc. Anatomy & Physiology; Body System & 5 sense. Standard Correspondence on Hand & Feet. Insect System on Fingers. Mini System. Animal system.

2. Yin- Yang (+ -) Energy. Five Element (Chinese Principle); Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal & Water. Meridians- 14 Energy Channels on Body and Byol. Chakra Healing - Seven Energy Centers. Eight Origins - Wind, Heat, Hotness, Lightness, Humidity, Dryness, Coldness & Darkness.

3. Joint and Nail Therapy. Magnet – Star, Byol, Chakra, Bar. Bigger Body Magnet. Seed Therapy – Fenugreek, Green Gram, Gramme, Pea, Kidney Bean. Moxa Heat therapy. Touch Therapy. Bio Energy Balance.

4. Cupping - Solar Plexus (Nabhi Chakra). Colour Number Therapy. Spine & Bone Manipulation (Body Balance). Food and Diet Tips. Healthy Lifestyle Tips.

5. Repeated and Question Answer day.

6. Full day Practical class. Study material, lunch and Certificate will be provided.

One Day Basic Courses: -
1. Ear Acu (Auriculogy)
2. Cupping Vacuum Therapy
3. Cosmetic Acu
4. Dragon Acu
5. Quantum Acu

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